Load and return assay of serum free light chain for 7874 subjects.

The dataset has 7874 samples and 9 features:

  1. age: age in years

  2. sex: F=female, M=male

  3. sample.yr: the calendar year in which a blood sample was obtained

  4. kappa: serum free light chain, kappa portion

  5. lambda: serum free light chain, lambda portion

  6. flc.grp: the serum free light chain group for the subject, as used in the original analysis

  7. creatinine: serum creatinine

  8. mgus: whether the subject had been diagnosed with monoclonal gammapothy (MGUS)

  9. chapter: for those who died, a grouping of their primary cause of death by chapter headings of the International Code of Diseases ICD-9

The endpoint is death, which occurred for 2169 subjects (27.5%).

See [1], [2] for further description.


  • x (pandas.DataFrame) – The measurements for each patient.

  • y (structured array with 2 fields) – death: boolean indicating whether the subject died or the event time is right censored.

    futime: total length of follow-up or time of death.