Load and return assay of serum free light chain for 7874 subjects.

The dataset has 7874 samples and 9 features:

  1. age: age in years

  2. sex: F=female, M=male

  3. sample.yr: the calendar year in which a blood sample was obtained

  4. kappa: serum free light chain, kappa portion

  5. lambda: serum free light chain, lambda portion

  6. flc.grp: the serum free light chain group for the subject, as used in the original analysis

  7. creatinine: serum creatinine

  8. mgus: whether the subject had been diagnosed with monoclonal gammapothy (MGUS)

  9. chapter: for those who died, a grouping of their primary cause of death by chapter headings of the International Code of Diseases ICD-9

The endpoint is death, which occurred for 2169 subjects (27.5%).

See 1, 2 for further description.


  • x (pandas.DataFrame) – The measurements for each patient.

  • y (structured array with 2 fields) – death: boolean indicating whether the subject died or the event time is right censored.

    futime: total length of follow-up or time of death.




Dispenzieri, A., Katzmann, J., Kyle, R., Larson, D., Therneau, T., Colby, C., Clark, R., Mead, G., Kumar, S., Melton III, LJ. and Rajkumar, SV. Use of monclonal serum immunoglobulin free light chains to predict overall survival in the general population, Mayo Clinic Proceedings 87:512-523. (2012)