Installing scikit-survival

This is the recommended and easiest to install scikit-survival is to use Anaconda. Alternatively, you can install scikit-survival From Source.


Pre-built binary packages for Linux, MacOS, and Windows are available for Anaconda. If you have Anaconda installed, run:

conda install -c sebp scikit-survival

From Source

If you want to build scikit-survival from source, you will need a C/C++ compiler to compile extensions.


On Linux, you need to install gcc, which in most cases is available via your distribution’s packaging system. Please follow your distribution’s instructions on how to install packages.


On MacOS, you need to install clang, which is available from the Command Line Tools package. Open a terminal and execute:

xcode-select --install

Alternatively, you can download it from the Apple Developers page. Log in with your Apple ID, then search and download the Command Line Tools for Xcode package.


On Windows, the compiler you need depends on the Python version you are using. See this guide to determine which Microsoft Visual C++ compiler to use with a specific Python version.

Latest Release

To install the latest release of scikit-survival from source, run:

pip install scikit-survival


If you have not installed the dependencies previously, this command will first install all dependencies before installing scikit-survival. Therefore, installation might fail if build requirements of some dependencies are not met. In particular, osqp does require CMake to be installed.

Development Version

To install the latest source from our GitHub repository, you need to have Git installed and simply run:

pip install git+


The current minimum dependencies to run scikit-survival are:

  • Python 3.5 or later

  • cvxpy

  • cvxopt

  • joblib

  • numexpr

  • numpy 1.12 or later

  • osqp

  • pandas 0.21 or later

  • scikit-learn 0.22

  • scipy 1.0 or later

  • C/C++ compiler